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Here is what happens next:

20-minute Consultation

Watch your email for an invitation to schedule a call with Liz.  We can discuss your needs and then determine the best approach to accomplish your goals. 

Stay organized with our bookkeeping services - A calendar displaying marked dates and financial symbols, showcasing timely financial planning and record-keeping
Sign Proposal

A Proposal and NDA will be sent to you based on your needs.  We offer QBO Customized Training, Clean-up & Catch-up work and, of course, Monthly Bookkeeping Services. 

accountants collaborating and discussing financial statements for thorough bookkeeping analysis
Let's Do this

This is where the fun begins!  Depending on which path you decided to take we are ready to show you some amazing results.  Our goal is to take the uncertainty out of accounting.  We will walk you through this process every step of the way. 

Desk with a sign that says get shit done
Follow up and Review

At this point you should be feeling like a weight has been lifted off you.  You should have some tools (maybe a few new Apps!) to simplify your accounting process.  Who knows? Maybe you decided to keep me around and I get the joy of watching your business grow!

Bookkeeping essentials for our client's needs
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